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The Biblical Responsibility Of Diligence
It is everyone’s responsibility to be hard working, persistent, and diligent. The person who has no diligence is lazy – a sluggard, if you will. The sluggard. What can be said about this kind of person? Is he self-centered or lazy? Does he rest; does he do what he wants to do without regard to others? Certainly all these things probably describe a sluggard, but much more could be said.
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Biblical Principles For Becoming Debt Free!

Break free from financial bondage! A step-by-step approach will show you how, while laying a foundation of biblical understanding regarding the stewardship of your resources. Rescue your life and liberate your future! Equip yourself with the 5 keys, 10 attitudes, 15 responsibilities, 30 attitudes, and 35 practical applications of achieving financial freedom and fulfillment. Find out more

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Thank You for stopping by. Rich Brott is the author of several books on personal finance and business management. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business and Economics and a Master of Business Administration.
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Read Rich's perspective and biblical framework on all the topics he pens in his blogs, articles, and books. His focus is to present a balanced perspective on all topics, from being diligent, working hard, being productive, as well as learning to save, invest wisely, giving appropriately and becoming stewards of everything including time, talents, bodies, giftings, money, possessions, skills, communication, etc. Take the time to read Rich's Kingdom Perspectives...
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